Home Free, By: Trin Martin

I have loved and been loved back I have laughed and been laughed at I have smiled and shared smiles I have encouraged and cheered many through the rough times

I had fears and you reminded me of God's love I have had joys and you shared them I have had doubts and worries and you calmed them I had sleepless nights and you were my inspiration

I was weak but you prayed me through those moments I was sick and you nursed me back to health with your patience and care I was struggling and you waited. I sometimes didn't know who I was, but you and God brought out the best in me.

I am Home free from pain, worries, trials and fears home free from persecutions and misunderstandings Home free from all the cares and tears of this world Home free to be complete and whole with my Lord.

I have left you in person, but not in spirit I am the beautiful bird, you hear at your window I am the flowers you see blooming in your yard I am the fresh air and warm sun you feel against your cheek

i am like the raindrops that fall from your eyes I am the funny home made videos that play through your memory I am the love that pushes you towards the next level of better I am the guardian angel that will keep watch over you.

You will be sad, but your memories of me will brighten your day You will cry but I will ask God to hold you close to His bosom You will be angry, but you will find happiness again in those you hold near and dear You will ask God to let me come back, but I am picking out your mansion.

I am here with god and have so much peace and joy I am here singing and praising His holy and almighty name I am here with all those you have lost throughout the years We are here celebrating our retirement from this old world.

God has opened up the floodgates of heaven and smiled down upon the rest of you He wants you to know He has welcomed us into the land of milk and honey with open arms We stroll through the streets of gold singing and shouting His praises He holds us tight and whispers, "Well done faithful servant."

Let your tears be tears of joy Let your laughter ring forth in celebration of my home coming Continue to built a legacy of love, hope, joy,faith and endurance. We are waiting for your wonderful home coming to join us so we can be as one again

I love you more than ever before I am here for you in all your thoughts and memories I am just a whisper away Stay close, pray together, love and encourage one another until we meet again

Created on ... August 29, 2020