Windows Key Alphabet

1. Windows key + A

Opens the Action Center where you can access quick settings and notifications.

2. Windows key + B

Show hidden icons on the taskbar.

3. Windows key + C

Opens Microsoft Teams Chat (personal).

4. Windows key + D

Minimizes all your open windows and shows your desktop. This can help if you need to quickly access files or shortcuts that are on your desktop.

5. Windows key + E

Opens File Explorer, where you can navigate directly to the files or folders you need.

6. Windows key + I

Opens the Settings app, where you can customize your Windows settings.

7. Windows key + L

Locks your Windows PC and takes you to the login screen that you see when your PC turns on. This is a good way to secure your PC if you need to step away for a moment.

8. Windows key + R

Opens the Run dialog box, where you can quickly run a command.

9. Windows key + S

Opens Search, which you can use to find files, apps, and settings on your Windows PC.

10. Windows key + X

Opens the Quick Link menu, where you can quickly access various Windows system tools and settings.

Created on ... March 01, 2023