Chile Rellenos

Contributed By: Kay Davis


(4 rellenos, serves two)

4 Anaheim chiles, roasted and peeled (canned Ortegas work OK)
3-4 oz. monterey jack cheese
8 oz. mild green chile salsa (canned salsa works OK)
2 eggs, separated


Stuff the chilis with the cheese. Whip the whites of the eggs
until extremely fluffy; then add the yolks and stir once or twice
(overstirring will deflate them).

In a large frying pan, heat 6 oz. of salsa to boiling. Reduce
heat. Place 2/3 of the egg mixture in the pan in four
relleno-sized lumps. Place one stuffed chile on top of
each lump, and the remaining egg mixture on top of the
chiles. Use up the remaining salsa by carefully spooning
a dollop of salsa on top of each relleno. Cover and
cook over low heat for a few minutes -- until the
egg is firm and the cheese melted; do not overcook.
You will need a large pancake turner to dish the rellenos from
the frying pan onto serving plates -- they have a tendency to
fall apart, so do this carefully.

To make these extra wonderful, start with fresh Anaheim peppers,
two green and two red, roasting and peeling them right
before preparation.

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