How To Make And Store Sangria


Bottle of Wine, See Below


1. Start with a bottle of wine. Although traditional sangria recipes use red wine, you can use red, white, or any kind in between. And since you’ll be mixing it with juice and/or other alcohol, a lower quality wine will work just fine.
2. Add some booze. Traditional sangria calls for brandy, but I often use rum or vodka instead.
3. Stir in some sugar or simple syrup. I find that making my own flavored simple syrups can really enhance the flavor of the sangria.
4. Add some more booze. This is where the liqueurs come in. Triple sec, limoncello, and chambord are a few of my favorites, but the possibilities are endless.
5. Add fruit. Oranges, lemons, limes, apples, grapes, strawberries….or whatever else you have on hand. The more fruit, the better!

Helpful Hints:

You can keep sangria refrigerated for up to a week, but the flavors will change over time. I prefer to finish mine within 3-4 days.
Sangria is an ideal party drink and can pair well with a wide variety of foods. I love serving it at ladies’ nights with cheese and crackers or at summer parties with chips and guacamole. It would also pair well with a dinner like fish tacos or even these frosted brownies for dessert!

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