How to Pick the Perfect Watermelon




Watermelon, or what we like to call “nature’s candy” and currently can’t stop eating at our office, is a deliciously sweet summertime snack that can’t be beat. One bite into the bright pink, juicy fruit will have you craving it the rest of the season.
It’s also packed with vitamins and lots of water (obviously) to keep you feeling hydrated and your energy high.
Eating watermelon is easy – but picking a perfect one can be a challenge if you don’t know what to look for. Read up on how to choose the most flavorful of the bunch!
• Weight: A heavy watermelon means it’s full of water, making it deliciously juicy. Look for a melon that is heavy for its size.
• Firmness: You want a melon that is firm all around. Press the skin of the watermelon to test its firmness. No soft spots means it’s a keeper.
• Color: Although the shade of green of the melon doesn’t greatly effect it’s taste, you should keep your eye out for a yellowish-white spot on the bottom of the melon. This is the spot where the watermelon made contact with the ground while it was growing. A yellowish tinted belly means it’s good to go while a light green belly means it needs a little more time to ripen.
• Sound: You’ve probably seen a few people knocking on watermelons, and wondered, “What exactly are they doing?” This is a simple test to see if it’s ripe. If it is, the knock on the watermelon will produce a hollow sound. If it’s not ripe, you’ll hear a tone that is high in pitch.

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