Has a natural disaster such as a hurricane, a tornado or earthquake visited your community? Are you visually impaired and have no access to help? If the above describes your circumstance you might want to reach out to Convoy of Hope. The following describes what Convoy of Hope was set up to do:

Responding to Disasters in the US

Hurricanes, fires, droughts, earthquakes, and tornadoes affect everyone in their path. Convoy of Hope makes a difference by: Being centrally headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, for quick response times from coast to coast. Equipping trained staff and volunteers to respond quickly, efficiently, and with compassion. Utilizing domestic warehouses for continued support during disasters. Employing a specialized fleet of trucks, heavy and light equipment, and mobile command centers for effective and self-sustaining responses. Coordinating tens of thousands of volunteers every year to help communities respond to disasters.

Global Disaster Response

Distance and hazardous circumstances are hurdles that Convoy of Hope is comfortable navigating. At the end of the day, the goal is to let people know they aren't forgotten by delivering tangible relief. Convoy serves by: Stocking international warehouses with relief supplies. Regularly training local staff and volunteers and equipping them with the capability to respond to disasters in their area. Ensuring through access to a global network of partners that Convoy can evaluate, conduct, and complete disaster responses that occur just about anywhere in the world. Providing resources and training to people experiencing long-term humanitarian crises, such as drought, famine, civil conflict, and Refugee displacement.

Reaching Out To Convoy of Hope

You can reach out to Convoy of Hope during an active disaster by Email. The following link will open your Email client:
Reach Out To Convoy of Hope For Help

When reaching out to Convoy of Hope please include the following information:

Please remember that Convoy of Hope can only offer help when a disaster occurs. They are not a delivery service like Amazon or Instacart.

Donating To Convoy of Hope

You can help Convoy of Hope carry out their important work. Convoy of Hope is always looking for donations. You can go to the donations page on the Convoy of Hope web site by clicking on the following link:
Donate To Convoy of Hope (Opens In A New Window)

Convoy of Hope is a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation. VIP Conduit management thanks the Convoy of Hope team for providing this important service.

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