Skype Links

Audio Tutorial For Skype 8
Listen as Hareth explains how to use Skype 8.

Jaws Scripts For Skype 8 Download
Download Doug Lee's Jaws scripts for Skype 8.

Skype Version 8 Windows And Mac Hot Keys
Skype version 8 hot keys for both Windows and Mac.

Skype Website
Audio communication program.

Skype-8 Tips And Hotkeys By Hareth
Hareth has provided some Hot Keys and suggestions for using Skype 8.

Using JAWS Scripts For Skype for Windows Desktop 8 (Electron
Instructions for using the Jaws scripts with the desktop version of Skype 8.

Using the JAWS Scripts For Skype UWP
"Instructions for using Jaws scripts with Skype UWP (Skype store app for windows10).".

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