While everyone is cordially invited to participate in our open chat rooms, the purchase of a supporting membership will entitle you to much more. This site is supported totally by donations and the sale of supporting memberships.

Your purchase for $20.00 of a one-year VIP Conduit supporting membership provides you with the following:

  1. Full privileges in the VIP community including the right to have input into the site decision making process by way of regularly scheduled supporting member meetings with the management team.
  2. Use of a group of chat rooms available only to supporting members.
  3. Priority access to the Tech Support Team.
  4. Use of a group of supporting member functions including:
    1. The ability to create reminders for almost anything you can think of.
    2. An accessible perpetual calendar.
    3. A weather tracker for cities you're interested in.

The management team of VIP Conduit appreciates that the success of our site rests with our supporting members. We pledge to serve as a conduit to learning and an environment for friendships. Thank you for your support and participation with us in this endeavor.

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