Using The Alerts Feature

One of the Supporting Member benefits is the ability to create alerts. To access the alert feature go to the Site Functions link on the rooms page.

You'll find the Alerts menu under the Supporting Member heading. Note: Only Supporting members will see this heading and its accompanying links.

Within the Alerts menu you'll find a couple of choices for creating alerts. The first is, “Create A Recurring Or Non Recurring Alert By Date And Time.” This choice will allow you to create an alert that will trigger at a specific time, daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly or yearly.

The second choice is, “Create A Recurring Weekly/Monthly Alert By day of the Week.” This will allow you to create an alert that will trigger on a specific day of the month or week.

For example on the third Wednesday of each month.

Importaant: You should be aware that depending on the relationship between the time you create the alert and the time it should trigger for the first time it may trigger immediately. If this does happen, just ignore it as after this it will then work as intended.

The alerts are fairly simple to create and use combo and edit boxes to take you through the steps. The alerts will appear the first time you visit the site after the set time or at that moment if you happen to be on the site at the set time.

The combo box for the sound needs to be set only if you plan on having it trigger on the site. You may ignore it if you choose to have it sent by e-mail.

Just before the Submit button you will find a checkbox that will allow you to have the alert e-mailed to you. Before you use this make sure that you are receiving e-mail from the site. For example from the forums. Also you should know that when you select the e-mail option you will no longer have the alert come up when you're on the site. That is to say that you are choosing to receive it by e-mail or on the site, not both.

In theAlerts Main Menu you'll find a Turn On Do Not Disturb Sign choice. This is a toggle and will read Turn Off Do Not Disturb Sign after you press enter on it.

When turned on this will disable the alerts until you click on it again to turn the sign off.

Near the bottom of this menu you will also find a Convert your alerts to Daylight Savings or Standard time choice. This is also a toggle and will read the opposite of your current time setting. Be sure to remember to click on this each time you change your clocks. Otherwise the alerts will not trigger at the selected time.

Updated on ... March 19, 2019