Amazon Smart Oven Voice Commands


For best results when converting from conventional to convection do the following:

1. Reduce the suggested cooking time by twenty five (25%)
or 2. Reduce the suggested cooking temperature by twenty five (25) degrees.

Control Your Amazon Smart Oven by Voice

Use your voice and voice presets to cook food with Amazon Smart Oven.
Note: When you ask your oven to "cook" an item, such as "Cook 1 potato," it uses microwave mode. Only use microwave-safe dishes and accessories with the "cook" function.

Microwave Mode Commands

For best reading results we suggest simply using the arrow keys.

"Start Oven for 1 minute."
"Microwave for 2 minutes on Power Level 5."
"Cook for 5 minutes."
"Microwave 3 ounces of popcorn."
"Defrost for 10 minutes."
"Reheat for 30 seconds."

Food Warmer Mode Commands

"Keep warm for 1 hour."
Note: When using voice commands, the food warmer defaults to medium (160F). To use low (145F), or high (200F), use the keypad.

Convection Oven Mode Commands

"Turn on the oven."
"Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
"Roast 90 minutes at 350 degrees."
"Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees."

Air Fryer Mode Commands

"Air fry 1 cup of French fries."

Say "Stop Oven" to stop cooking in all modes. For a full list of available presets, see Amazon Smart Oven Voice Presets (PDF)

Additional Smart Oven Voice Commands

These commands may be implemented in two ways. The first is by using the "wake word," of your linked Echo device, "Echo, Dot, Show, etcetra" The second is by pressing the large, "action button," on the front of the oven and then stating the command as desired.

The following commands are in addition to those listed in the original Amazon Voice Command file. I have learned them by trial and error and have obtained a wider operating vocabulary to use with the oven.

1. Pause First Oven.

2. Resume First Oven.

3. When will the food be ready.

4. What is the oven temperature.

5. What is the temperature of the first oven.

6. What is the food temperature.

7. What is the first oven probe temperature.

Updated on ... March 02, 2020