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Before Operating

The Pocket Bible operates on a lithium battery, that is used in some cell phones, which can be recharged many times. Before you begin to operate the Pocket Bible, you should fully charge the battery. There are four methods for doing so.

Method 1. Plug a standard USB charger into the rectangular slot on the side of the Pocket Bible. Plug the other end of the charger into an electrical outlet. The Pocket Bible will be fully charged in just one hour. We recommend plugging it in and let it charge overnight. Note: The battery cannot be overcharged. So there is no problem with leaving it for longer than one hour plugged in or all day in the sun.

Method 2. Using a USB computer cable, connect the Pocket Bible to a computer. The Pocket Bible will be fully charged in three hours.

Method 3. Turn the Pocket Bible over so that the smooth solar panel on the back is facing upward. Place the Pocket Bible in direct bright sunlight. The Pocket Bible will be fully charged in six hours.

Method 4. Turn the Pocket Bible over so that the smooth solar panel on the back is facing upward. Place the Pocket Bible near a sixty-watt light bulb, at a distance of about four inches (ten centimeters), so that the light is shining directly on the Pocket Bible. The Pocket Bible will be fully charged in 45 minutes to 1 hour.

So, if you have not fully charged your Pocket Bible player, we recommend stopping now and fully charge your player before continuing.

After you have fully charged the Pocket Bible , it will play for many hours without needing a new charge. At high volume it can play for over twelve hours; at low volume it can play for up to twenty or more hours.

Storing Your Pocket Bible

If you are not going to use the Pocket Bible for a long time, be sure that it is fully charged before you put it away. You should fully recharge the Pocket Bible every month so that the battery will maintain its life until you are ready to use the Pocket Bible again. After several years you may need to purchase and install a new battery for your Pocket Bible. Even if the battery fails, you can still operate the Pocket Bible on electric power by using the USB charger as a power cord.

Getting Acquainted with the Pocket Bible

While holding your Pocket Bible so that the speaker is at the top and the controls buttons on the bottom you will discover the rectangular charging slot on the bottom edge of the Pocket Bible. Just to the left of the charging slot, is a round jack for output. Into this jack you can plug a private listening device such as earbuds, headphones, or a pillow speaker.

On the front of the Pocket Bible , just above the eleven operation buttons, is a built-in speaker which may provide enough sound so that a small group of people can comfortably listen. For a larger group, as in a classroom, you can connect external speakers to the output jack. For an even larger group, as in a church sanctuary, you can connect a public-address system so that hundreds or thousands of people can listen to the Pocket Bible at the same time.


As you have just discovered, the eleven operating buttons for the Pocket Bible are located on the front, below the speaker grill. Notice that there are four rows of raised buttons: Four rows with 3 buttons each. Although these buttons do not have printed numbers, let's number them from 1 to 11 so that we can more easily describe and refer to them.

For convenience in operating, you can hold the Pocket Bible in your hands so that the buttons are close to you; or you can place the Pocket Bible on a desk, table, or other flat surface. The Pocket Bible is rugged and sturdy, designed for many years of joyful use in all sorts of conditions. If you accidentally drop the Pocket Bible , it will not be harmed.

Description Of Buttons, Please Note: This model does not have a button 3

The eleven buttons on the Pocket Bible are as follows, starting at the top working from left to right:

First row:

Button Number 1 - power, on-off (top middle).

Button Number 2 - Speed Navigation button. (first smaller button to the right of the power) A quick press and release moves the next of Genesis, Psalms or Matthew.

Second Row:

Button Number 4 - navigates backward by book (second row, left side).

Button Number 5 - volume up (second row, middle).

Button Number 6 - navigates forward by book (second row, right side).

Third Row:

Button Number 7 - navigate backward by chapters (third row, left side).

Button Number 8 - volume down (third row, middle).

Button Number 9 - navigate forward by chapters or paragraphs (third row, right side).

Forth Row:

Button Number 10 - go backward by 15 seconds (fourth row, left side).

Button Number 11 - Pause (fourth row, middle).

Button Number 12 - go forward by 15 seconds (fourth row, right side).

Operating the Pocket Bible

To turn the Pocket Bible on, hold down button Number 1 for two seconds until you hear a quick beep and the Bible will start playing. Button Number 1 can also be used as a stop button while the Pocket Bible is playing. To turn the Pocket Bible off, hold down button Number 1 for two seconds until you hear a double beep. The Pocket Bible has a green indicator light which will shine while the player is on.

Adjust the loudness by using the volume- down and volume-up buttons (buttons 5 and 8). The Pocket Bible has several volume levels. When you turn the Pocket Bible off, it will remember your chosen level of volume. When you restart the Pocket Bible , that level will be maintained. Of course you can change the volume level at any time by using the volume-down and volume-up buttons.

Inserting Bookmarks

Use the pause button (button Number 11) to mark your place in the audio program to which you are listening. This pause option is convenient when your listening is accidentally or purposefully interrupted. For instance, your listening may be interrupted by an unexpected telephone call; or you may choose to pause so that you can consider or discuss what you have just heard. Pressing the pause button will insert an audio “bookmark.” To resume play, press the pause button or any of the navigation buttons.

To conserve the battery, the Pocket Bible will turn itself off after two minutes in pause mode. When you restart the Pocket Bible , you will automatically return to your chosen place in the audio program.

Cancelling Bookmarks

To cancel the bookmark, turn the Pocket Bible on and quickly tap button Number 1 and then button Number 4. Button 2 will navigate you to the next section with a press and release. The Bible is divided into three major sections, as follows:

Bible Sections

Section 1—Genesis through Job (first part of the Old Testament);

Section 2—Psalms through Malachi (second part of the Old Testament);

Section 3—Matthew through Revelation (complete New Testament).

The Pocket Bible can support as many as four levels of navigation. As you experiment with the buttons, you will discover how to use them effectively for your needs. For example, you will find that by tapping buttons 7 and 9, you can quickly move from chapter to chapter in the Bible. By tapping buttons 9 and 10, you can move between smaller audio segments in units of about fifteen seconds.

You will soon learn the order of the books and the number of chapters in each book of the Bible. Let's say, for example, that you want to hear Psalm 100. You can use button 2 to go to the section beginning with the book of Psalms. Then tap button 9 ninety-nine times to take you to Psalm 100.

If you know that the book of Proverbs immediately follows the Psalms, and if you also know that the Psalms consist of 150 chapters, then you have another way of finding Psalm 100. Use button 2 to take you to the section beginning with the Psalms. Then tap button 6 once to go to the book of Proverbs. Now tap button 7 fifty times to go back through the Psalms until you reach Psalm 100. If you want to find out where you are, just stop tapping and the player will tell you the number of the chapter at which you have arrived.

Though all these instructions may sound complicated at first, you will soon find that you can easily use the buttons to move through all the programs in the Pocket Bible. Many different programs, in many different languages, are available for the Pocket Bible. While you are learning the navigation buttons, you will also be identifying and exploring the programs that are loaded into your Pocket Bible. Do not worry about disrupting or accidentally erasing the programs. The audio programs on your Pocket Bible are “tamper proof” and so cannot be altered or disturbed.


If your Pocket Bible will not play, first check to be sure that it is properly charged. If the Pocket Bible still will not play, you can try rebooting it. To reboot the Pocket Bible , press buttons 1 for 10 seconds button for 10 seconds until the player turns off. It will turn on automatically after a reboot.

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