Braille Writer Repair Services

The following list of Braille Writer repair services is provided for your convenience only. VIP Conduit neither endorses nor recommends any of them. Headings are used to show locations to facilitate locating one near you. We strongly recommend contacting them before shipping your machine.

Daytona Beach Florida

Quality Brailler Repair
If you have a Perkins Braille writer that is not working as well as it should, or is not working at all Quality Brailler Repair Service can help. The basic price for cleaning, lubricating and adjusting a Brailler is $75, and remember there is a 1 year warrantee on all work. The braille writer can be shipped using free matter for the blind.

After your Braille Writer has been serviced we recommend that you keep it covered when not in use. To this end John Hardenís Perkins Brailler Service has made a soft black canvas machine cover that is very affordable. This cover fits the machine perfectly, has a slit in the top for the handle and is water resistant. And the best part is this cover sells for only $20.

We are now able to refinish your machine so it looks as good as it works.

If you need your Brailler repaired, if you need a new cover for your Brailler, if you need to buy a used Brailler or if you need your Brailler refinished contact John Harden by email

You can also call or text John at
for additional information.

You can send the Braille Writer to
John Harden
145 N. Halifax Ave.
Unit 605
Daytona Beach, FL 32118-4291

Des Moines, Iowa

Alan Ackley
4301 Park Avenue #540
Des Moines, IA 50321
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ACKLEY APPLIANCE SERVICE Provides COMPLETE Perkins Brailler repair. For the finest care your Braille writer can receive, let Alan Ackley make it right. He has reconditioned more than 2000 Braillers for individuals, schools, and agencies in over forty states. He is Factory Trained. He maintains a complete inventory of Factory Parts. The National Library Service certified him as a Braille Transcriber in 1975. Prompt Turnaround Reasonable Charges All Work Guaranteed. Do you have a brailler to sell? I will buy it as is, or... I will recondition it for you to sell on your own.

Phoenix, Arizona

AIRC, The Foundation for Blind Children, Inc.
1235 E. Harmot Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85020
AIRC, The Foundation for Blind Children, Inc.
Has been repairing braille writers for many years through a prison in the area. $30 for cleaning and adjusting, any parts are additional.

El Paso Texas

The Braillery
5 Cumberland Circle
El Paso, TX 79903
(915) 565-0179
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The Braillery
They provide complete brailler repair service as well as selling reconditioned braillewriters. They recondition foreign, domestic and out-of-production braillewriters.

Moreno Valley California

Chuck's Brailler Repair
12388 Marmont Pl.
Moreno Valley, CA 92557
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Has been repairing Perkins braillers 20 years. $40 per brailler, clean, lubricate and adjust, plus parts (parts at cost) and a one year warranty.

Dallas, Texas

Wayne Harris
10807 Cotillion Dr.
Dallas, TX 75228
phone 972-698-0085
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Has been repairing braillewriters for 15 years.

Watertown, Massachusetts

Howe Press
Perkins School for the Blind
175 North Beacon Street
Watertown, MA 02172
(617) 972-7308
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Howe Press

SunRiver, Oregon

Rick McGuire
P.O. Box 3738
57226 Island Road
Meadowhouse #26
Sunriver OR 97707
Phone 541-593-1078
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Rick McGuire Specializing in Perkins Brailler service and repair, General Maintenence, Tune Up, Major and Minor Repairs, Genuine Factory Parts, Prompt Service, Trained at the Oregon Commission for the Blind, Authorized Service Vendor for the State of Oregon, All Work Guaranteed One Year

Baltimore, Maryland

The Selective Doctor, Inc. has been in business for 20 years & we have repaired over 6,000 Perkins Braillers.
P.O. Box 571, Manchester, MD. 21102
Phone 410)668-1143
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Welcome to the Selective Doctor, Inc.
"Bring your Brailler back to Life". The Selective Doctor, Inc. was established in 1992, two months after I retired from IBM Corporation. Since then I have repaired approximately 1500 Perkins Braillers for numerous individuals in 34 states, several school districts, four state blind schools, and many agencies. Our normal turn around time is less than 4 days. We charge a flat rate for labor, plus parts and shipping insurance. (Please call our office for any additional information.)

Homewood, Alabama

Jerry Sparks
Specialized Electronics
1004 Drexel Drive
Homewood, AL 35209
Phone: 1-205-862-1866
Fax: 1-205-942-1552
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I am the Telesensory Repair Center for Alabama and Mississippi. I repair Perkins manual and electric brailler's. I repair other brands of brailler's, Lavender etc., to the extent of parts availability. I repair VersaBraille systems to the extent of parts availability.

Rangeley Maine

Clark Brailler Repair Service
Mary Jane Clark
P.O. Box 1271
Rangeley, Maine 04970
Phone 1-617-699-5045
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I am a certified Perkins Braille Writer repair technician. I was employed by Howe Press as a Perkins Braille Writer assembler and repair technician and as an international Braille Writer repair trainer. I have been a teacher of the visually impaired for over 25 years and understand the importance of having a machine that works.


Volunteers Of Vacaville
Brailler service and repair
Perkins Brailers only
Contact Info
Patrick Sahota
Email address
(707) 448-6841 X2044
Web address

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