Clearing The RAM In Your IPhone

Occasionally performing the following task can substantially improve the performance of your IPhone.

sometimes when you close apps they may leave residual active portions of the App in your phone's memory.  This takes up space and may slow down the reaction of your phone when in use.  To clear the ram do the following;

1.  Make sure your phone is unlocked and on the home screen.

2.  Press and hold the power button until the power options menu appears.

3.  Press and hold the home button until you hear the double tones or see the icons blink.  This indicates that the ram has been cleared.  It is best to close all apps in your app switcher prior to performing this function.

Optional Additional Step

The following step may additionally clear unwanted clutter, but is not necessary.

4. To perform this step shut down your phone and allow it to remain off for 5 minutes or so. To bring it back up plug in the charger. Since you're going to plug it in anyway, it would be logical to do this when the phone is in need of charging.

Created on ... September 24, 2016