Additional Uses For Coffee Filters

Provided By: Lindsay

1. Place over food in the microwave to keep moist.

2. Use to clean windows. They have no lint so they will not leave streaks.

3. Protect good china by placing a coffee filter between them when storing.

4. Filter a broken cork in wine through a filter. It will not hurt the wine and the particles of cork will be caught.

5. To use oil for refrying large amounts only once, place a filter in a strainer. Good for easy clean-up.

6. If chopped foods need to be weighed, place them in a coffee filter and weigh.

7. Holding tacos can be easier if they are wrapped in a coffee filter.

8. To prevent soil from leaking from a pot. Line pot with a coffee filter at the bottom. Water will go through but dirt will stay in the pot.

9. Prevent popsicle from leaking all over hands by poking stick through filter and folding filter around the popsicle.

10. Soaking up the grease. Put a few in a plate before removing greasy food from oil. The filters will absorb leftover oil easily.

11. To absorb odors put a spoonful of baking soda in the center of filter. Pull up and fasten with a bread tie. Place in shoes to prevent odors when they are being stored for a long period of time.

12. Using fresh herbs in soups or stews is easier if you tie the herbs in a coffee filter and place in, the sauce or soup while it is cooking. When time to remove, it is easier to find the filter than a leaf of an herb.

13. Use for dry Ingredients when you are getting items ready for a recipe especially chopped vegetables or small amounts of spices

14. Wrap breakable Christmas ornaments in large filter.

15. Sprouting seeds ?" Place seeds in damp filter. Fold over to contain seeds. Do not use more than ten seeds in the filter. Place filter in zip lock bag until seeds have sprouted. Make sure to keep filter moist.

16. Lay a hot glue gun on the filter to prevent dripping glue from getting on table.

17. Place filter between cookies when storing them in a canister.

Created on ... July 01, 2020