Creating Folders in Windows Mail and Outlook Express

Use your paragraph key to read step by step. This is most often the P key.

1. Press Alt plus F.

2. Use the Arrow keys to select New and press Enter.

3. Use arrow keys to select Folder and press enter.

4. Type in folder name and press Tab once to Select folder in which the new folder is to appear. This will show a default choice. Usually the In box. (If you want the new folder to show in alphabetical order as part of the entire list of available folders, up arrow once to Local Folders.) Now Tab once to Ok and press enter.

Moving mail to a desired folder.

1. Select the message to be moved and pressShift plus Control plus V. Note: if the Hot Key doesn't work for you press your Application Key or Shift plus F10 and follow directions in Step 2. If the Hot Key works skip to step 3.

2. Press the letter V or arrow to the move choice and press Enter.

3. You will be placed in a list of available folders. Use the Arrow keys to select the folder or type in the first letter of the desired folder. When selected tab to ok and press enter.

Updated on ... July 30, 2016