How To Create a Favorite Shortcut On Your Desktop

Follow the steps below to place a shortcut to your favorites on your Desktop.

1. From your Desktop press the windows key.

2. Arrow down until you find your name I can't tell you exactly what to look for as it depends on how it was set up. It may be simply your name or your name followed by PC. but you should be able to find it.

Press Enter.

3. Down arrow and look for Favorites.

4. When you find it highlight it.

5. Press your application key or use Shift plus F10.

6. Arrow down to Send to and press enter.

7. Arrow down to Desktop Shortcut and press enter.
This will place a shortcut to your favorites on your Desktop. Press Enter to open it and locate the website. Pressing Enter on the website will open your default browser and take you directly to that website.

An Alternative Method Is Shown Below

Following the steps below will accomplish the same result.

1. You may have computer on your desktop or you can press the windows key and type computer in the search box, when you find computer, press enter.

2. find the c Drive and press enter.

3. press u until you get to users, press enter.

4. look for your name, if you don't find your name look for all users or default user and press enter.

5. Press F until you hear favorites.

6. Press the applications key or shift F-10.

7. Errol down to you hear send to, press enter.

8. Errol down to you hear desktop create shortcut and press enter.

9. you should find the shortcut on your desktop.

10. Press enter on the shortcut and find the favorite you want to go to and press enter.

Updated on ... June 29, 2018