Using The VIP Conduit Forums

Use your P key for easy reading.

In the Site Functions link on the rooms page you'll find a link to the forums. It will be found under the Standard Functions heading at the top of the page. Once in the forums at the very top of the page you'll find a link to an audio tutorial explaining in detail how to use the forums. You'll also find a link that will allow you to set your e mail options for each forum. This may also be done in each individual forum. At the top of each forum is a link that will allow you to choose between seeing only new messages or all messages. This is a toggle and always shows the opposite of what your set to. Clicking on this in any forum sets them all to the same choice.

Forums are grouped under headings and the tab key will move you from one forum to the next within each heading. If you choose to have a forum e mailed to you it works much like an e mail list. When received as an e mail each message contains a link that will allow you to reply to the message. If you aren't logged in at the time it will take you through the login before placing you in a window that allows you to reply to the message.

Creating A New Message

To create a new message in a forum click on the link that says Create New Thread. This will cause two Edit boxes to appear. Type the Subject in the first and the message in the second. When finished Tab to Post Your message and press enter. The forums are posted immediately to the forum and e-mailed every 5 minutes.

We hope you'll take advantage of the forums.

Created on ... August 10, 2016