Future Aids Talking Atomic Watch Instructions

The following instructions were obtained from the Future Aids web site. We have merely added the coding for Headings and paragraphs to assist in navigation. You may use the P key to move step by step through the instructions.

Directions for theAtomic Talking Watch From Future Aids.

*Please note: the below directions are for the Stretch band model. Please contact us if you need directions for the leather-band model.

Congratulations on just having purchased a well-made atomic talking calendar watch - complete with a clear male voice and good old-fashioned analogue display!

You will find only 3 buttons on the rim of this stylish watch.
At the two o'clock position, you will find the Talk button. It is labeled S1.
At the 3 o'clock position, there is a stem for synchronizing the hands.
At the 4 o'clock position, you will find the Set button. It is labeled S2.


Since this watch displays the time using an analogue face (real moving hands to point to the hours and minutes), no other info is digitally displayed because there's not enough room. So, when checking the date or setting the watch, you need to listen for auditory queues and instructions.

Initial Setup

Setting up this watch is very easy.

1. First, pull the plastic tab out of the case behind the stem and press it in. Then, hold down the Talk button for 5 seconds to bring it out of sleep mode.

2. The hands will now spin until they are synchronized with the spoken time. You must wait until the hands stop spinning to continue.

3. Once the hands stop spinning, hold down S2 for 3 seconds to enter the Setting menu. Watch announces "Set Alarm."

4. Press S2 three more times, and "Global Signal Selection" is heard.

5. Press S1 until your timezone is spoken, for example USA Central, then press S2 to confirm.

Remember, whenever you change the time or timezone, you may have to wait several minutes while the hands on the clock-face spin around rapidly to update the displayed time. During this process, if you hold the watch up close to your ear, you will hear a buzzing sound - which is the hands spinning around furiously. Do not press any buttons while the visual time is being updated, as you will hear no speech until this procedure has completed. (If, after the watch has finished adjusting the positions of its Hour and Minute hands, the time is still not displayed correctly, simply pull out the stem, spin it until the correct time is displayed, then press the stem back in.

Normal Operation

Press S1 once to hear the time.
Press S1 again to hear the date.
Press S1 a third time to hear whether or not the time was updated.

Picking up a signal

Because this watch is radio-controlled, or atomic, it will always stay set to the correct time, even during daylight savings. However, in order to do that, the watch needs to pick up the current time from the time broadcast station in Colorado. So, if your watch announces Time not Updated, follow these steps.

1. Place the watch in a window facing Colorado (East for folks in Washington, West for those in New York, Southwest for customers in Toronto).

2. Insure the metal band is not touching the back of the watch, as this can interfere with the radio reception.

3. In the morning, the time should be set correctly.

Additional Features

In addition to the spoken time and date, this watch also sports a daily alarm and hourly chime. To configure these features, just follow the below steps.

1. Press and hold down the S2 button for three seconds, then release it. You have now entered the Setup menu.

2. Press the four O'clock button to cycle through the various setup options: Set Alarm, Alarm On/Off, Hourly Chime On/Off, Global Signal Selection, and Set Time.

3. Once you get to the option you wish to set, press S1 until the desired setting is spoken.

4. Press S2 to confirm.

Manual Time Setting

If, for some reason, your watch did not pick up the time signal, it is possible to manually set the time.

1. Hold down S2 for 3 seconds to enter the Setting menu. Watch announces "Set Alarm."

2. Press S2 four more times, and "Set Time" is heard.

3. Press S1 until the current hour is spoken, for example 10 o'clock AM, then press S2 to confirm.

4. Press S1 until the current minute is spoken, for example 54 minute, then press S2 to confirm.

5. Watch announces "Confirm, 10:54 AM," then starts spinning the hands to match the time you just set.

That's about all you need to know. We hope you enjoy sporting this stylish, unique timepiece for years to come!

Updated on ... July 28, 2016