Household Uses For Hair Conditioner

By Janice

1. Make-up remover

2. Fabric softener

3, Wash lingerie

4. Use on shower curtain rod. Allows curtain to slide easily.

5. Wash hair in conditioner, no shampoo needed.

6. If a ring is stuck on finger, use conditioner on finger to get it off.

7. rub on zipper to keep it from sticking.

8. Use to shave legs, keeps skin soft.

9. Rub on tools to prevent rust.

10. Rub on window frame to help window slide easier.

11. Rub on cuticle to prevent dryness.

12. At night rub on feet and wear socks to bed.

13. Rub on squeaky wheels of bicycle or skate board.

Created on ... June 14, 2020