MP3 Player Model MF088 Instructions

This Manual Is A Compilation Of Several Manuals

Identifying Buttons

Place the MP3 player/Radio on its back with the On/off slide switch and volume control away from you.
If you have placed the radio correctly, the lanyard will be on the right side with the connection to the radio touching the surface it's on.

Important Note: Do Not Remove or modify the Lanyard as the small wire loop attaching the lanyard to the players body functions as the radio anntenna

On the face you will find 2 buttons on the right and below them you will find 3 rrows of buttons.

The 2 buttons on the right, the top 1 is the flash light. the butten under the flashlight is the repete button.

On the first 2 rows of buttons they are numbered 1 through 10, 5 buttons in each row.

On the third row you will find 4 buttons.

Starting on the left the first button is rewind the next button to the right is pause/play/scan the next button is fastforward and the last button on the right is the mode button.

Playing MP3 Files

When you are in MP3 mode, playing mp3 files you can enter the number of the file you wish to listen to. For example, if there are 100 songs on the card, you can press 100 to hear that song. Or if you want to hear song 30, simply press 3 followed by a 0.

When you are in radio mode, use the number keys to enter the frequency number of the radio station. For example, pressing 9, 8, followed by 7 would get 98.7.

Programming Radio Stations

To program the available radio stations in to the memory, press and hold the pause/play/scan button until it starts to scan the radio frequencies. You will hear it play a station for a couple of seconds then it will move to the next station, it will keep doing this until it has all of your local stations saved to memory. When it stops and stays on a station you will know that it is finished.

Once scanning is finished, frequencies will be placed in to the number buttons. Press the 0 through 9 buttons to change the radio channel.

Bottom row of buttons.

Starting from left to right.
Rewind back one file.
Stop play button.
Fast forward next file.
Function button switches from FM radio to MP3
Continue to Hold rewind or fast forward to scan through a file.


The battery is rechargeable. You can recharge it using the supplied charging coard. You get approximately 15 to 20 hours on a charge.

The battery compartment is located on the back of the unit.

Right Side

you will find 4 connections on the right side.

Starting at the top
Is where you Plug in the charge cable.
Below that is where you can plug in a thum drive with files you wish to play.
In frunt of the thumb drive connection is a green light that comes on when in use.

Below that is an auxiliary connection, that allows you to use the unit as a external amplifyed speaker.

The bottom jack is for earphones.

Memory Card

The sd micro card slot is located on the bottom of the radio.
The SD card is small.

To remove it,
Push it in and then let it go to release it.
To put it back in, push it in and let go
it should catch, be careful it doesn't come all of the way out, it is easy to lose.

Created on ... July 29, 2019