Moving IPhone Apps Using Voice Over

Use your P key to read step by step.

1. Locate the app you wish to move using the normal single finger flicks (Either Right or Left).

2. Using 1 finger do a double tap and hold (You will hear "Moving and the app name").

3. Using one finger do a vertical flick, either up or down to move, it will say the name of the selected app,and double tap. You will hear choose a destination.

4.. Flick either right or left in the normal manner until you locate the folder you wish to place the app in.

5. Do a one finger vertical flick, either up or down, to hear the choices. You will have the following choices, not necessarily in this order. Cancel move, place app in the folder, place app before the folder, place app after the folder, activate. Double tap on the choice you want.
Note: If the destination is an app rather than a folder, you will have a Create Folder option.

6. Tap the Home key to exit the Edit function.

Removing The App From A Folder

If the app you wish to move is located in a folder you may remove it from the folder by doing the following.

Double tap and hold to open the move function. Continue to hold your finger down and drag it either up or down, you will be told you are leaving the folder. Keep holding your finger down for 5 seconds. You will be told the folder is closing, from that point on return to step 4 above.

Updated on ... January 18, 2017