Using The NVDA Remote Feature

To establish a remote session with another computer follow the steps below.

1. Press insert/NVDA plus N
Note: NVDA refers to the Insert key as the NVDA key.

2. Press down arrow until you hear Tools sub menu and press enter.

3. Arrow up until you hear Remote sub menu, press enter.

4. When you press enter on remote sub menu it will say Connect, press enter again.

5. After pressing enter on Connect you wil have two choices when you arrow up and down, Client and Server. You want to select Client.

6. After selecting Client tab once, you will have two more choices, Control another computer or Allow this computer to be controled. Select the one that applies to your current session.

7. Tab once, nake sure it says Host

8.Tab once it will say key,Edit, this should be the same for both participants.
For example,1234. We suggest keeping it simple.

9. Tab to Ok, you will pass a couple of choices which may be used if desired. Press Enter.

During the remote session press F11 to switch between your computer and the remote computer, this is a toggle.

Created on ... February 13, 2020