Ocoopa Hand Warmer Operating Instructions

This manual has been created by VIP Conduit specifically for the use of the blind and visually impaired. Portions of the manufacturers manual have been included to provide technical information.

Getting Acquainted

Hold the unit in your hand and feel carefully. You'll notice that while most of the unit is constructed of smooth metal, one end has a rough feel. From here on we'll refer to that end of the unit as the bottom.

Now hold the unit with the rough end down. Feel along the narrow end, or the part of the bottom that is pointing to the floor. Near themiddle of it you'll feel a slot. This is the charging connection.

Locating The Power/ Heat Control Button

Now hole the unit with the charging connection facing down. Feel the rough area directly above the charging connection on both sides of the unit. You are looking for a fairly small button and it will be found, on one side or the other, in the area you're searching.

Turning The Unit On/Off

To turn the unit on hold the button in for approximately 3 seconds. You can tell when you've been successful as the unit heats very quickly. When the unit is on you turn it off by repeating the same procedure. Again you can tell when you've been successful as the unit also cools quickly.

Adjusting The Heat Level

When the unit is turned on it starts in the low setting. To move from the low setting to the medium setting press the button briefly. Pressing it briefly again will move to the high setting. The next press will cycle back to the low setting.

Information From Manufacturers Manual

Product Name: Hand Warmer

Material: Pure Imported Aluminum+ Imported flame retardant ABS meterial+Lithium Battery

Battery Information

Battery Capacity:5200mAh Input:5V/2A Output:5V/2A

Product Description

Product Size: L4*W2.3*H0.94inch(102*58.8*24mm) Product N.W.: about 4.7OZ(133g) Product G.W.: about 8.5OZ(246g) Charging Time: 2-3 hours Working Time: 4-8 hours (

It was tested in the 20 ? ambient temperature) Colors: Rose Gold/ Luxury Gold/Blue/Silver/Black

Packing List

Hand Warmer+sling+Charging Cable+Instructions / user manual/

Certification Product use:

The product can be used to warm hands, warm feet, warm stomach, warm waist and knee at low ambient temperatures. Hot pack with the product can eliminate fatigue, relieve back pain, especially suitable for the old man, children and office staff to use. The product can also be used as mobile power, convenient, lightweight, beautiful, fashion, high-grade.


1. Follow the instructions to use the Hand Warmer.
2. Prohibit disassemble, open, chopped, pierced with metal to the product.
3. When not using the product for long-term, pls make sure recharge it at least every three months.
4. Pls do not put the product under a heat source or flame, do not put it into water or fire, do not put in sunlight for long time/avoid Prolonged sun exposure for long time.
5. Once the product leak, pls keep away from it , do not touch it with your skin, eyes and other sensitive parts; if you already touch it, pls wash the touching area with plenty of water first, then go to hospital asap.
6. Work temperature 0-45 C, relative humidity 20-70%; pls keep it away from moisture, heat, water and fire.

Instructions :

1. LED Battery indicator:
a. In any state, double click bottom , the led light will show remaining power capacity.
b. If a blue light lights up, then the power capacity is about 30%;
c. If the hand warmer charging for mobile phone, the light will show blue color;
d. If charging for hand warmer, will show blue color and flashing.

2. Button functions: Long press (4-5sec.), power on with red-lights into warmer mode Short press ONCE each, red-lights 3stars optional (Low/Medium/High temp.) Long press (4-5sec.), power off
Short press Twice , battery showing with blue-lights Blue-lights shutoff automatically in 40sec.

3. Heating temperature: Low temp -one red light, T: about 95-107.5 ? Medium temp -two red lights, T: about 104-118.5 ? High temp -three red lights, T: about 107.5-130


4. Charging mode: Charging ways: the system uses PWM trickle, constant current charging. The input voltage: 4.7 V to 5.5 V, the charging current: 1.8 to 2.0 A.

5. Charging function operation: Under standby or work states, connect with DC 5V power, the product will auto enter into charging function, and show the current battery level. If the highest indicator light is flashing with blue color, that means it is in charge state.
Note: During charging, the buttons and other functions is invalid.


Thank you for purchasing our company's products, our product was produced under strict quality control and inspection, quality can meet international standards, it is very popular in all of the world.

Warranty period from date of purchase,
warranty time 12 months.
As a result of raw material problem or the product defects and damage in the process of production we guarantee free replacement

The following do not be warranty:
1. Teardown without authorization, such as modification of failure.
2. Using the environment caused by the fault does not conform to product
requirements. 3. Natural disaster (including or, earthquake, flood).
4. Shell damage caused in the process of using products.
5. Exceed warranty time.
6. The improper usage.
7. The man-made damage (including hard scratches, etc.).
8. The warranty card and the product model or product model is altered.

All that is beyond the scope of free warranty products, can provide paid maintenance services. The final interpretation of the contents of this warranty is at the Company.

Guarantee Card:
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