The Perpetual Calendar (Supporting Members)

Use your P key for easy reading.

The perpetual Calendar (a Supporting Member Benefit) can be a very useful tool. You will find it in Site Functions under the Supporting Member heading.

You may adjust the month and year to any date of your choice. Simply adjust the month with the arrow keys and put in the correct year and press submit.

A Close Window Do Not Submit Data Button allows you to exit the Calendar without changing the Month or Year if you change your mind.

If you want to use the currently displayed date, pressing the submit button is not necessary. Move down to where the numbers are displayed and turn on your screen reader's table mode (sorry, we can't help here as this varies with each screen reader).

Setting The Calendar To Remind You of a Date

If you wish to remember some type of appointment or event simply press enter on the date. An Edit Box will pop up and you just fill in the information and press submit. If you wish to leave without saving the information just press the return to calendar choice. When you enter information and press Submit an asterisk is placed on the date in the Calendar and a Heading added at the bottom of the page. The heading shows the information you saved for that date.

When finished with the Calendar press the Close Window Do Not Submit Data button to exit the Calendar.

Created on ... August 11, 2016