Playing music or mp3 books on your NLS digital player.

Contributed by: The Big R

The NLS digital player has been out for sometime now. I have been asked this question countless times. How can I play music or MP3 books on my new NLS digital player?

As you know music and book files can be saved as mp3 files. These files can be ripped from CDís to your computer. As you already know, you can play TalkingBooks either from cartridges or from a flash drive plugged in to the USB port on your NLS digital player. Here is the way to get your device to play MP3ís.

You need to create a folder on your flash drive. This would either be the optional cartridge you can transfer data to or a flash drive. These drives may be called a memory key, thumb drive or jump drive. After the folder has been created you can place MP3ís in to that folder and your player will play these files.

The folder name you need to create is:

Editors note:
Do not spell the word plus when creating this folder. You must use the plus sign on your computer. The plus sign is entered when you press your shift key in combination with the equals sign. The equals sign is usually located to the left of a desktop 101 type keyboards backspace key. Also you must spell the word podcasts with the letter S at the end of the word podcast.

When you place MP3ís in this folder your player will play these files. You can also play multiple folders as well.
The folders *must* be inside the audio+podcasts folder for them to be played.

To learn how to do this and navigate the Book Shelf consult your user's manual. Press the play stop button down, until a beep is heard and you hear bookshelf. To know how to navigate this bookshelf consult your NLS digital players manual by pressing and holding down the diamond shaped key until you hear user manual. This key is a toggle and pressing it again will take you out of the manual.

This Minny tutorial should aid you in playing MP3ís.

Updated on ... July 28, 2016