Using Site Functions

Use the P key for easy reading.

In the Site Functions link located on the rooms page, roughly 3 Tabs below the locator frame, you will find the following.

All members will find a Standard Site Functions heading. below it are links to the following.

Standard Site Functions

Enter VIP Conduit Forums

Enter Membership Information Center

Leave A Suggestion In Our Suggestion Box

View A List Of People In Our Management Team

View The Amazing VIP Conduit Cookbook

See Which Members Are Having A Birthday Today

Supporting members will find an additional heading for Supporting Member Site Functions. Below it are links to the following.

Supporting Member Site Functions

Manage your Alerts

View Your Calendar

Catch Up On The Latest News

Enter The Weather Tracker

View Meeting Minutes, Treasurers Reports ETC.

For additional help in using some of these functions check the other links in this category.

Created on ... August 11, 2016