Talking Solar Bible User's Manual

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Pocket Bible User's Manual

Description of Buttons

Top row has the on/off/stop button, volume control bar, left for lower volume, right for higher volume and the pause/continue button.
Second row has reverse scroll and forward scroll buttons for Books of the Bible. If you are in Revelation and press forward it will go back to Genesis.
Third row has reverse and forward scroll buttons for Chapters in the Bible.
Fourth row has reverse and forward buttons to navigate in 15 second segments through the message.

Turning Player On/Off

Hold the on/off/stop button for two seconds. Player will beep and green LED light in upper left corner will turn on. Repeat to turn off. The player will shut off automatically if left idle or paused for three minutes.

Listening to the Message

With unit turned on, press the play button to begin playback. Press the upper scroll buttons to navigate forward and back between sections and books. Press the mid-level scroll buttons to navigate through chapters of the message. Press the lower scroll buttons to navigate in 15 second segments through the message.

Volume Control

Continuously press the volume up or down buttons to increase or decrease the volume. The volume will remain set at this level even after player is turned off and re-started.

Pause/Bookmark Function

The pause button functions as a standard pause/play feature and also as a semi-permanent bookmark. To set pause, when player is operating press pause button: to resume playback, press play button. A bookmark is automatically set at the last point the player was paused and player will restart at this point until a new bookmark is set. To cancel bookmark and reset the message to the beginning, press the On/Off/Stop button while the player is operating, then press the pause button before pressing the play button.

Audio Phone Jack

You can connect earphones or an external speaker to the player by plugging a stereo plug into the standard 3.5mm phone jack on the left side of the unit.

Charging Instructions

The player runs on three rechargeable batteries. It will run on its initial charge, but for best results, charge batteries before playing the unit. Fully charged batteries will power the player for about 14 hours. For solar-charging the batteries, position the solar panel on the back of the player towards a light source. Depleted batteries will fully charge in approximately 10 hours of direct sunlight or will trickle-charge under a 60 watt or higher light source. Use only a standard, 200mA/9V plus + polarity power adapter with 1.3mm plug to charge or play the unit. Excessive voltage can cause damage to the player.


If the player won't play, first ensure it is charged according to the charging instructions. If the player is charged, it may require rebooting. To reboot: simultaneously press the On/Off/Stop button and the volume down button, then turn the player on. If you turn the player on and it begins to play in the middle of the message, a pause bookmark is in place. See the pause function instructions to cancel the bookmark.

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