Waytronic Recordable Infrared Motion Sensor Sound Box (Talking Sign) Manual

Note: This manual was created specifically for the Blind and Visually Impaired by VIP Conduit Inc.

General Description

When you hold the device you will discover that the most prominent feature on it is a bubble. This is the sensor that allows the unit to detect the presence of a warm body. Orient the device with the bubble facing you and at the top.

Directly below the bubble are two small buttons. These allow you to move to the next or previous file. Holding both buttons in at the same time places the unit in the automatic advance mode. In this mode it will advance automatically to the next file every time the unit is triggered.

The speaker is located in the lower half of the unit.

If you examine the topleft hand side of the unit you'll find a small slit. This is where you plug the spade end of the file transfer cord. The other end of the cord has a USB connection and plugs into the computer.

On the right side in the upper half is the power switch.

Turning The Unit On and Off and Adjusting Volume

The power switch is a three position switch with off being the bottom position.

To turn the unit on slide the switch up, the first position is low volume and the second or top position high volume.

Installing Batteries

To install batteries simply flip the unit over, keeping the bubble at the top.

Roughly halfway to the bottom, you'll detect a small slit running horizontally from one side to the other. In the center just slightly below the slit you'll find a small rough area. Press down slightly on this area and slide toward the bottom to remove battery cover.

The unit requires 3 AAA batteries. After installing batteries replace the cover. If you lay the cover in place with a small gap at the top you can feel it settle into place. When it does just slide it gently to the top to lock it into place.

When unit is turned on there will be an approximately 20 second period before it will become active. After that it will trigger when a person or animal comes within roughly 4 meters, 12 feet, of the device and the prerecorded message will play.

There is a roughly 2 second time required before the unit will trigger again, following the playing of a message.

The unit works best if the triggering zone is vacated between activations.

Adding Sound Files To The Unit's Memory

To add files, plug the small spade connector end of the cord to the slot found on the left edge of the upper half of the unit. Plug the USB end into the computer. Depending on your computer and which operating system your computer uses it will appear as a removable or USB drive. The letter will be assigned by your computer.

Select the files you wish to transfer and copy them to the clipboard. Next open the drive for the unit and paste them in. Remember, they must be MP3 files.

Created on ... September 14, 2019