Using Accessories With Your Amazon Smart Oven

Use the temperature probe, air fry pan, and short and tall cooking racks to cook food.

Accessories with Microwave Mode

Only use microwave-safe dishes and cookware.
Do not use cooking racks, air fry pan, or temperature probe.

Accessories with Convection Oven Mode

The tall cooking rack and air fry pan are recommended with the convection oven mode.

The short cooking rack is optional.

The temperature probe is required for the auto-roast presets. It's optional for other convection oven modes.

Accessories with Air Fryer Mode

Use the tall cooking rack and air fry pan when air frying.
The temperature probe is optional.

Accessories with Food Warmer Mode

Use the short cooking rack with food warmer mode.

Use of the air fry pan and temperature probe with the food warmer mode are optional.

Created on ... December 20, 2019