Using Outlook Express and Outlook Express Restore.

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If you elect to use the files and the information found here, you are entirely on your own. We do not provide tech support for the files found here, other then the information you're reading now.

Several of our members have used this, with great success, and we know it has worked, at least to this point.

Installing Outlook Express

For best results it is recommended that you stick with the default settings offered.

When, And How To Use The Restore Program

Those of us who have been using Outlook Express have discovered that when we perform the Windows 10 Spring and Fall updates Outlook Express is frequently completely removed. If that happens to you simply follow the steps below.

1. Reinstall Outlook Express following the suggestions above.

2. Next simply click on the restore program and wait. No further action on your part is needed. If everything works as it's supposed to, and it usually does, your Outlook Express will be restored to the same condition it was before the update was installed.

Click Here to download the Outlook Express installation file Click here to download the Outlook Express Restore program

Created on ... December 16, 2019