Using The Temperature Probe With The Amazon Smart Oven

The temperature probe lets you monitor the temperature of your food while cooking.

Note: Use the temperature probe only with convection oven, air fryer, or food warmer mode. Do not use with microwave mode.

Wear a heat-resistant glove to touch the temperature probe during or just after cooking. Do not touch with bare hands.

Insert the probe into the food so the tip is at the thickest part. The temperature is measured only at the tip of the probe.

Plug the temperature probe into the inside wall of the oven. The oven display shows the temperature of your food.

Start a cooking mode by voice or keypad.
Stop the oven when your desired temperature is reached.

Note: Auto-roast presets cook food to a specific temperature. The oven stops automatically when the correct temperature is reached.

Created on ... December 20, 2019