Locating And Using The VIP Conduit Cookbook

On the rooms page, locate the Site Functions link and click on it. In the Site Functions link under the Standard Functions heading you will find a link that says," View the Amazing VIP Conduit Cookbook." This is available to Guest and Supporting Members alike.

In the cookbook you'll discover more than 85 categories, arranged in alphabetical order. Select a category to view the screen reader friendly recipes you'll find there. Each category contains a number of links leading to the recipes, just click on one to access it.

At the bottom of the categories list you'll find some links that will take you to cooking tips and various other helpful conversion charts and tables.

The cookbook contains more than 4,415 recipes and is growing constantly.

If you frequently cook for a small number of people, be sure to check out our one to four servings category.

Set the What's Cooking? forum to mail All Traffic and you'll receive an occasional recipe and be able to ask questions of the others on the forum. You may also read it on the website in the forums. You'll also find the forums linkin Site Functions under the Standard Heading.

If you have a favorite recipe, not in the cookbook, post it to the What's Cooking forum and we'll consider adding it.

Created on ... January 19, 2020