VLC Media Player

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This page contains two sets of Hot Key commands for the VLC Media Player. We have place, what we believe to be the simpler one first and the more complete second.

Shortcut Keys for VLC Media Player

01. Space : Play / Pause
02. N : Next Entry in Playlist
03. P : Previous Entry in Playlist
04. S : Stop
05. Alt + Left Arrow : Backward Jump
06. Alt+ Right Arrow : Forward Jump
07. Shift + Left Arrow : Short Backward Jump
08. Shift + Right Arrow : Short Forward Jump
09. Plus key : Play Faster
10. Minus key : Play Slower
11. Ctrl+ Up Arrow : Volume Up
12. Ctrl+ Down Arrow : Volume Down
13. M : Mute
14. Ctrl + H : Subtitle Delay Up
15. Ctrl + J : Subtitle Delay Down
16. Ctrl + P : Select Previous DVD Title
17. Ctrl+ F : Select Next DVD title
18. Ctrl + M : Go to DVD menu
19. Ctrl+ Left Arrow : Medium Backward Jump
20. Ctrl+ Right Arrow : Medium Forward Jump
21. Alt + Ctrl + Left Arrow : Long Backward Jump
22. Alt + Ctrl + Right Arrow : Long Forward Jump
23. Ctrl+ O : Open Director

Direct Download Link

The link directly below will allow you to directly download the latest version of the VLC Media Player

Download The Latest Version Of The VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player hot keys

1. Most used

F Fullscreen
Space Pause or play movie
V Subtitles on/off (or s)
B Audio track cycle
Ctrl+Arrow Up/Ctrl+Arrow Down Volume

2.Mouse actions

Double click Fullscreen
Scroll Volume or Position (see settings)
Right click Local menu (play controls, audio/video)

3. Movie Navigation

Ctrl+D Open disc menu
Ctrl+F Open folder (browse folder menu)
Ctrl+R/Ctrl+S Advanced open file
Ctrl+O Open single file(s)
M Mute and unmute audio
P Play movie (from the very beginning)
S Stop movie
Esc Exit full screen mode
[+]/-/= Faster, slower, normal
A Aspect ratio
C Crop screen
G/H Decrease subtitle delay / Increase subtitle delay
J/K Decrease audio delay / Increase audio delay
Z Change zoom mode
Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3, Ctrl+4 Recent media (in Media - Recent media menu)
T Show time
Ctrl+T Goto time

4. Jump in playback

Shift+Arrow Left/Arrow Right Very short jump (3 seconds)
Alt+Arrow Left/Arrow Right Short jump (10 seconds)
Ctrl+Arrow Left/Arrow Right Medium jump (1 minute)
Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Left/Arrow Right Long jump

5. Manage VLC, Playlists, and Special Commands

Ctrl+H Hide / unhide controls
Ctrl+P Preferences/ interface settings
Ctrl+E Adjustments and audio/video effects
Ctrl+B Edit bookmarks
Ctrl+M Open messages
Ctrl+N Open network
Ctrl+C Open captue device
Ctrl+L Open playlist
Ctrl+Y Save playlist
Ctrl+I/Ctrl+J Media information
Alt+A Open audio menu
Alt+H Open help menu
Alt+M Open media menu
Alt+P Open playlist menu
Alt+T Open tool menu
Alt+V Open video menu
Alt+L Open playback menu
D Show movie path
N Play next movie from playlist
F1 Show Help
F11 Window full-screen (not equal to pressing F)

Play The Entire Music Folder With VLC Media Player

1. Select the folder you wish to play, (Do Not Open It).

2. Press your Applications key or Shift Plus F10.

3. Arrow to Play With VLC Media Player and press enter.

4. If you wish to have the songs play randomly Tab to Random and press enter to check it. Use the Escape key to exit the Tab dialogue.
Note: The Random checkbox will remain checked until you manually uncheck it.

Visit The VLC Media Player Home Page

Updated on ... June 17, 2021