Additional Household Uses For WD40

By Lindsey

The following is a list of uses, other then what it was designed to do, that WD40 may be used for.

Get another car's paint off of your car, when no dent is involved. Spray on and let sit for a few minutes then wipe clean.

Remove ink from carpet. Spray with WD40 let set and then clean with carpet cleaner. Repeat until stain is gone.

Rub WD40 into the handle of a wooden tool after it is purchased. It will keep it moist and prevent splintering.

Before a big snow storm, spray WD40 on the outside of your favorite window and the snow will not stick.

If you have seen wasps building a nest under the eves of your house, the next spring spray WD40 there and wasps and hornets will not build their nests there.

Spray top and sides of shoes with WD40 before going out into the rain. It will keep your socks dry.

Spray on squeaky hinge to prevent it from squeaking.

Keep squirrels out of bird feeders. Spray the top of the feeder with WD40 and watch them slide off.

Remove bubble gum from hair. Spray it with WD40 and comb it out then wash hair thoroughly.

Remove tight jewelry. Spray finger with WD40 and jewelry will slide off.

Remove sticky residue by spraying it with WD40.

Spray it on weeds and it will kill them.

Spray WD40 on a snow shovel and the snow will not stick when you are removing it from your driveway.

Spray into lock to keep it from freezing.

Remove paint from leather by spraying it with WD40 and wiping it off.

Helps remove paint from tile flooring.

Loosens rusted bolts

Keeps lawnmower wheels turning smoothly

Removes crayon from walls, carpet, toys, plastic, compressed wood furniture, shoes, and from your dryer. (just unplug it first)

Keeps garden tools from rusting and also keeps them clean

Cleans and polishes gold and brass

Cleans and softens paint brushes

Created on ... July 15, 2020