Using The Weather Tracker Feature (Supporting Members)

Use your P key to facilitate reading.

1. On the rooms page go to Site Functions.

2. Under the Supporting Member heading choose Weather Tracker.

3. You will find yourself on a page with two Combo Boxes. Press Enter on the first one and select the state or province. You may use the arrow keys or press the first few letters of the state or province to speed things up. When the state or province has been selected tab to the second box. Note: The Canadian Provinces are listed following the last state.

4. You will find the second box now contains the names of the available cities for that state or province. Again use the arrow keys or type the first few letters of the city name to move quickly to it. When you have your choice selected, tab to Submit and press enter.

5. You will be placed on a page containing the current weather and forecast for the city you've selected. Note: The program uses the Latitude and Longitude information to select the closest available weather reporting location. This could be the actual city or a nearby one. You may occasionally run across a city that does not provide any information. There isn't a lot we can do about this as we rely on information supplied to us by the reporting agencies.

6. At the bottom of the window you will find several links. One allows you to track that particular location. If you press this you will be informed that "The location is now being tracked." Note: This is a toggle and it changes to Stop Tracking when tracking is in effect.

A second link will refresh the information when more current information is available. A third closes the window.

7. When you choose to track a city there is a Quick Weather link placed in a Weather frame located at the bottom of the rooms page. This happens no matter how many cities you choose to track. Clicking on the Quick Weather link will cause all the cities you are tracking to be displayed along with their current conditions. Note: The more cities you choose to track the longer it will take Quick Weather to open. There is both a link and the current conditions displayed for each city. Clicking on the link for the city will take you to the detail page for that city where additional information is available.

8. You may choose to close the Quick Weather link or leave it open while you're on the site. It will close automatically when you exit the site.

Updated on ... April 23, 2017