Turning Windows Features and Applications On and Off

You may turn a Windows program or feature, including Internet Explorer, on or off by following the steps below.

1. Press the Windows key to open the Search Box.
2. Type Add Remove Programs into the box.
3. Use the arrow keys to make sure it's selected and press enter.
4. This should place you in a list of programs that may be removed.
5. Shift Tab 3 times to a link that says turn Windows features on or off, press enter.
6. You will be placed in a list of features you can turn on or off by checking or unchecking a box. You may move quickly to the one you're looking for by tapping the first letter of its name.
7. Tap the space bar to check or uncheck the box.
8. Tab to Ok and press Enter to complete the process or press enter on Cancel to exit without making any changes.

Created on ... September 29, 2016