Windows Narrator Hot Keys

Windows 10 Narrator keyboard shortcuts and their functions:

Bringing Narrator Up

Hot keys to start narrator seem to vary with the version of Windows you're using. For the latest version use:
Windows plus Control plus Enter
This works as a toggle and will also turn it off.

For earlier Windows versions use:
Windows plus Enter
This also works as a toggle.


Ctrl: Stop reading.

Caps Lock+M: Start reading.

Caps Lock+D: Read item.

Caps Lock+S: Read item spelled out.

Caps Lock+V: Repeat phrase.

Caps Lock+W: Read window.

Caps Lock+H: Read document.

Caps Lock+Ctrl+U: Read current page.

Caps Lock+U: Read next page.

Caps Lock+Shift+U: Read previous page.

Caps Lock+Ctrl+I: Read current paragraph.

Caps Lock+I: Read next paragraph.

Caps Lock+Shift+I: Read previous paragraph.

Caps Lock+Ctrl+O: Read current line.

Caps Lock+O: Read next line.

Caps Lock+Shift+O: Read previous line.

Caps Lock+Ctrl+P: Read current word.

Caps Lock+P: Read next word.

Caps Lock+Shift+P: Read previous word.

Caps Lock+R: Read all items in containing area.

Caps Lock+Q: Move to last item in containing area.

Caps Lock+Y: Move to beginning of text.

Caps Lock+B: Move to end of text.

Caps Lock+F12: Toggle character reading.


Caps Lock+Page Up: Increase voice volume.

Caps Lock+Page Down: Decrease voice volume.

Caps Lock+Plus: Increase voice speed.

Caps Lock+Minus: Decrease voice speed.

Caps Lock+C: Read current date and time.

Caps Lock+Enter: Toggle search mode.

Caps Lock+Num Lock: Toggle mouse mode.

Caps Lock+A: Change verbosity mode.

Caps Lock+Esc: Exit Narrator.

Caps Lock+Z: Lock Narrator key.

Caps Lock+G: Move Narrator cursor to system cursor.

Caps Lock+T: Move Narrator cursor to pointer.


Caps Lock+J: Jump to next heading.

Caps Lock+Shift+J: Jump to previous heading.

Caps Lock+K: Jump to next table.

Caps Lock+Shift+K: Jump to previous table.

Caps Lock+L: Jump to next link.

Caps Lock+Shift+L: Jump to previous link.

Using Tables

Caps Lock+F3: Jump to next cell in row.

Caps Lock+Shift+F3: Jump to previous cell in row.

Caps Lock+F4: Jump to next cell in column.

Caps Lock+Shift+F4: Jump to previous cell in column.

Caps Lock+F7: Read current column.

Caps Lock+F8: Read current row.

Caps Lock+F9: Read current column header.

Caps Lock+F10: Read current row header.

Caps Lock+F5: Read which row and column Narrator is in.

Caps Lock+F6: Jump to table cell.

Caps Lock+Shift+F6: Jump to cell contents.

Caps Lock+Space: Do primary action.

Caps Lock+Right Arrow: Move to next item.

Caps Lock+Left Arrow: Move to previous item.

Caps Lock+Up/Down Arrow: Change view.

Caps Lock+F1: Show commands list.

Caps Lock+F2: Show commands for current item.

Caps Lock+Backspace: Go back 1 item.

Caps Lock+Insert: Jump to linked item.

Caps Lock+Ctrl+Left Arrow: Navigate to parent.

Caps Lock+Ctrl+Down Arrow: Navigate to next sibling.

Caps Lock+Ctrl+Up Arrow: Navigate to previous sibling.

Created on ... July 01, 2017