Windows Ten Shortcut Keys A K A Hot Keys

In this document the Shortcut is given, followed by the function.

Global Shortcuts

Windows key
Open the Start Menu; start typing to search

Ctrl + X
Cut text, files, and more

Ctrl + C
Copy text and other elements to the clipboard

Ctrl + V
Paste the clipboard's contents

Ctrl + A
Select all

Ctrl + Z
Undo your last action

Ctrl + Y
Redo the last undone action

Ctrl + S

Ctrl + O

Ctrl + P

Alt + F4
Close current window

Ctrl + W
Close current tab

Ctrl + F

Get help in most apps

Cancel current task

Enter full screen

Alt + Tab
Switch between open programs

Win + Shift + Left/Right
Move a window to another monitor

Win + B
Focus on the System Tray

Win + Up
Maximize current window

Win + Down
Restore or minimize current window

Win + 1 Win + 10
Open programs on the Taskbar

Win + T
Cycle through Taskbar apps

Win + P
Change projection settings

Win + R
Open Run menu

Win + Pause
Open System Properties

Win + D
Show desktop

Win + M
Minimize all windows

Win + Home
Minimize all windows but the active one

Win + L
Lock your PC

Win + Up
Open Ease of Access Center

Ctrl + Alt + Del
Open Windows Security Screen

Ctrl + Shift + Esc
Open Task Manager

Ctrl + Shift
Switch keyboard layouts (when applicable)

Alt + Space
Open shortcut menu for the current program

Alt + Underlined letter
Perform various commands depending on the app

Alt + Print Screen
Take a screenshot of the active window

Windows 8/10 Only Shortcuts

Open Charms bar

Win + Z
Show Modern App Command Bar

Win + A
Open Action Center

Win + Tab
Open the Task View

Win + Ctrl + D
Create new virtual desktop

Win + Ctrl + F4
Close current virtual desktop

Win + Ctrl + Left/Right
Switch between virtual desktops

Win + C
Open Cortana in listening mode

Win + W
Open Windows Ink

Win + Period
Open emoji panel

Win + Left/Right
Snap open window to one side of the screen

Win + G
Open Game Bar (when applicable)

Win + O
Lock device orientation (for tablets)

Win + K
Open device connect panel

Win + S
Open search bar

Win + I
Open Settings

Win + X
Open Power User Menu

Win + Comma
Peek through windows to desktop

Browser Shortcuts

Ctrl + T
Open new tab

Ctrl + Shift + T
Reopen recently closed tab

Alt + Left arrow
Go back one page

Alt + Right arrow
Go forward one page


Alt + Home
Open homepage

Ctrl + Plus/Minus
Zoom in or out

Ctrl + 0
Reset zoom to default

Ctrl + L
Focus cursor on address bar

Ctrl + Enter
Add "www." and ".com" to text in the address bar and open website

Ctrl + H
Open history

Ctrl + J
Open downloads

Ctrl + D
Bookmark page

Ctrl + Tab
Cycle through open tabs

Alt + Up
Go up one folder level

File Explorer Shortcuts

Win + E
Open new File Explorer window

Rename an item in File Explorer

Alt + Enter
Open Properties for a File Explorer item

Ctrl + D
Delete selected item

Shift + Del
Permanently delete an item

Alt + D
Focus cursor on address bar

Ctrl + Shift + N
Create new folder

Alt + P
Toggle preview panel

Text Editing Shortcuts

Ctrl + Right/Left
Move cursor to the next/previous word

Ctrl + Up/Down
Move cursor to the next/previous paragraph

Ctrl + Backspace
Delete an entire word behind the cursor

Ctrl + Del
Delete an entire word in front of the cursor

Ctrl + Shift + Arrow key
Select blocks of text

Ctrl + Home
Jump to the start of the text field

Ctrl + End
Jump to the end of the text field

Updated on ... July 25, 2019