Using The Windows Narrator Voices With NVDA

To use the same free voices you use with Narrator follow the steps below.

1. Access the NVDA Menu by holding down the Insert key and then press the letter N.

2. Down Arrow once to "Preferences."

3. Press Right Arrow once, followed by a single Down Arrow.
You are now placed on NVDA’s synthesizer menu.

4. Press Enter, then use your arrow keys to locate the “Microsoft Speech API version 5” option.

5. Press Enter. Your NVDA voice will now be changed to Microsoft David, which is an extremely easy to understand voice.

Using the UK English Hazel or US English Zira Voice

If you wish to use the UK English Hazel or US English Zira Microsoft voice follow the steps below.

1. Repeat the above steps, but instead of pressing Enter on the “Synthesizer” option, arrow down one more time to "Voice Settings." Press enter to open the menu.

2. In this menu you will find the ability not only to change the voice, but you can also change the voice speed, volume, pitch and other settings.

Created on ... July 10, 2017