Comprable Window Eyes and Jaws Hot Keys

Our sincerest thanks to Andrew Godwin for compiling this document.

fundamental Window-Eyes to JAWS hotkey translation

Miscellaneous hot keys

Read title bar:

Window-Eyes, Control shift plus T.
JAWS, insert plus T.

Reed status line:

Window-Eyes, Control insert plus S.
JAWS, Insert plus num 3.

Read field data:

Window-Eyes, Control shift plus N.
JAWS, insert plus tab.

Read entry:

Window-Eyes, Control shift plus d.
JAWS, insert plus tab.

Read active window:

Window-Eyes, Control shift plus W.
JAWS, insert plus B.

Read time:

Window-Eyes, Insert plus T
JAWS, Insert plus F12.

Bypass key:

Window-Eyes, Insert plus B.
JAWS, Insert plus number row 3.

Access the system tray:

Window-Eyes, Insert plus S.
JAWS, insert plus F11.

Open verbosity settings:

Window-Eyes, Insert plus V.
JAWS, Insert plus V.

Microsoft Word:

Read currant line:

Window-Eyes, Control plus num 5.
JAWS, insert plus Num 8

Spell word:

Window-Eyes, Control plus num 6.
JAWS, insert plus num 5 twice quickly.

Phonetically spell word:

Window-Eyes, Control plus num 6 twice quickly.
JAWS, num 5 twice quickly, then num 6 to move to the right and num 4 to move to the left by

Read by sentence:

Window-Eyes, Control shift plus page up or down.
JAWS, alt plus down arrow.

Read character formatting:

Window-Eyes, Insert plus E.
JAWS, insert plus F.

Read mist spelled word in context:

Window-Eyes, Alt plus S.
JAWS, insert plus C.

Internet Explorer:

Bring up links list view:

Window-Eyes, Insert tab.
JAWS, insert F7.

Turn Window-Eyes brows mode, or JAWS, forms mode, on and off:

Window-Eyes, Control shift a.
JAWS, enter to turn on and num plus to turn off.

Find word on current web page:

Window-Eyes, Control shift F
JAWS, Control F.

Move to next block of text:

Window-Eyes, X.

Move to next paragraph:

Window-Eyes and JAWS, P.

Move to next heading:

Window-Eyes and JAWS, H.

Move to visited link:

Window-Eyes and JAWS, V.

Move to form field:

Window-Eyes and JAWS, F.

Move to next table:

Window-Eyes and JAWS, T.

Navigating tables with Window-Eyes:

turn on table mode:

Control Num plus.

turn off table mode:

Control num minus.

Navigating tables with JAWS:

navigating columns:

Control alt plus left/right arrow.

Navigating rows:

Control alt plus up/down arrow.

Updated on ... July 29, 2016