Would You Like To Reduce The Number Of Spyware Cookies You Get?

You may dramatically reduce the number of spyware cookies you get by following these instructions. We have not found them to cause any problems.Note: In some cases it will be easier to just open Internet Explorer.

1. Open your Control Panel or Internet Explorer.
2. Press I to get to Internet Options and open it, if you are using Internet Explorer Press Alt plus T, followed by o to reach the same point. From this point on the instructions are the same.
3. Shift Tab into the tabs and right arrow to Privacy.
4. Tab to the Advanced button and press Enter.
5. If the Override Automatic Cookie Handling box is not checked, than check it. It needs to be checked.Note: Windows 10 Does not have this box.
6. Tab to the first radial button and set it to accept. This is the button for the first person cookies.
7. Tab to the next radial button and set it to block. This is the radial button for the third person cookies.
8. Tab to the Allways allow Session Cookies Check box and make sure it is checked.
9. Tab to Ok and press Enter.
10. Now tab to the last Ok button and press Enter.

Now your computer will allow only first person cookies. These are usually the type placed there to help you by the website you're using. All third party cookies will be blocked. These are most often spyware cookies.

Cookie Hint

If after making sure that your cookie settings are correct, you are still being told your cookies are not enabled check the date and time setting of your computer. Make sure that the date is correct. An incorrect date setting can cause a website to tell you that your cookies are not enabled.

Updated on ... September 03, 2016