Benefits Of VIP Conduit Membership

The very first time you login to VIP Conduit you'll know you're not on the average chat site. You'll find yourself on The Rooms Page which has a Locator Area. This Locator area will show any rooms which are currently active and the people in them. All you need to do to join a room is click on the link showing in the Locator area.

At the top of the page you'll find a link that allows you to view the Upcoming Events. When you open that link you'll find a list of events that are occurring on that day with a time for each and a link to the room in which they will be held. At the bottom of that page you'll find a link to the schedule page. On the Schedule page you may learn about when the many events offered by VIP Conduit will be held. You will find chat events, games, classes and a variety of music events.

Be sure to join us for Center Stage Wednesday Nights at 8 Eastern time. There you'll be entertained by some great music from our many professional entertainers. You'll never find a better deal for any concert. On Sunday you may take part in our Non Denominational Christian Event which has met each Sunday at 10 AM Eastern since 2005.

Since it costs money to keep a web site on the Internet VIP Conduit has decided to address this by offering two levels of membership. A Guest membership, which is free, will allow you to participate in many of the activities. We also offer a Supporting Membership which costs $20.00 per year, this works out to $1.66 per Month. That makes it unnecessary for us to constantly need to have fund raising events of various types.

As a Supporting Member you have access to a number of additional benefits. You can create alerts to remind you of most anything you want to remember. You also have the use of a Perpetual Calendar as well as having the ability to track the weather most anyplace you're interested in. You also can participate in some special events available only to Supporting members. When you first sign up you are given a free 30 day trial of the Supporting membership.

All members can use our VIP Conduit Cookbook which is especially designed to work well with screen readers. It currently has nearly 6,000 recipes shown in a number of categories intended to help you find what you're looking for.

Our Items of Interest holds over 2,000 links to a wide variety of Internet resources and is also available to all members.
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