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What Is VIP Conduit All About

VIP Conduit is an audio chat site set up for the visually impaired, their families and friends. Although this site primarily serves the visually impaired, anyone is encouraged to join us. In order to maximize our visitor's internet experience, we strive to cooperate with other sites offering similar services.

The VIP in VIP conduit has two meanings. The traditional meaning "very important person" is well known. It also has come to stand for "visually impaired person". While we primarily serve the visually impaired community, we believe that all our supporting members and guests are VIP's in the traditional sense.

What is a voice enabled chat room?

A chat room is a virtual meeting place on the internet where two or more people can communicate in real time. Most chat rooms only allow the room occupants to communicate by sending text messages to each other. Voice enabled chat rooms allow the room occupants to speak to each other using a microphone plugged into their sound cards. Many voice enabled chatrooms include soffisticated add-ons such as integrated web browsing, application sharing and white boards.

Where do the funds come from to support the VIP Conduit site

The VIP Conduit web site is supported financially by membership dues. A VIP Conduit supporting membership costs $20 per year or $50 for three years. You can purchase a VIP Conduit supporting membership by visiting our membership information center.
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Do I have to be a VIP Conduit supporting member to enter the chat rooms?

Some of our chat rooms are open to both supporting members and guests. However there is a category of rooms called "Community Center" which is restricted to supporting members only. Non supporting members will be listed as guests in our locator frame when they are in one of our chat rooms. In order to participate in our chat rooms you must obtain a VIP Conduit account which is free of charge and can be obtained by filling out our join form:
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What other benefits come with a VIP Conduit supporting membership?

In addition to exclusive use of the community center chat rooms, A VIP Conduit supporting membership entitles you to priority tech support, access to supporting members only events and much more. To find out all about what you get with one of our memberships please visit our membership information center.
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What hardware and software do I need to use the VIP Conduit chat rooms?

You will need a computer which can run Windows 7, or Windows 10 equipped with a microphone or a smart phone running IOS or Android. You will also need to install the TeamTalk conference client.
Download TeamTalk

What is a conference client?

A conference client is a small program that when installed allows you to enter a chat room and converse with the other chat room occupants.

Which conference client is used by VIP Conduit?

VIP Conduit uses the TeamTalk conference client.

Do I need to manually download the conference client?

You will need to download and install the TeamTalk conference Client.
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I don't have a microphone. Where can I get one and how much do they cost?

Microphones can be purchased at most any store where computers or stereo equipment is sold. Most modern sound cards come with a microphone which is more than adequate for use with our conference client. If you don't already have a microphone you should be able to purchase one for between $10 and $20.

Do I need to have cookies enabled on my browser to use your web site.


I can enter the chat rooms but when I attempt to speak noone can hear me. What can I do about this?

First, make sure your microphone is plugged into the right jack on your sound card. Most sound cards have line in, microphone and speaker jacks. If you are totally blind you may need sighted assistance to locate the proper jack. Secondly, make sure your microphone volume control is properly set.

Are there any special rules of conduct at VIP Conduit?

All VIP Conduit members should make themselves familiar with our site policies. You can view our site policies by clicking on the link below:
Site Policies

How are site moderators chosen?

Here at VIP Conduit Moderators are selected through a multiple step process. The first step in the process is observation by the current Moderators and Management staff over a fairly lengthy period. We are looking for supporting members who have reasonable computer skills, a fairly good knowledge of the site and certainly good social skills and judgment. The second step comes when the individual's name is submitted to a committee of 5 designated by the Board to select Moderators. The third step is a positive vote of the committee by at least 4 of the 5 members. The next step is the submission of the name to the entire board for review. If the board agrees with the committee than an invitation would be issued and the person appointed for a 90 Day trial period. The last step would be a review of the individuals performance after the 90 Day trial period and the appointment either confirmed or revoked.

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