Safety Links

Active Shooter Preparedness – for Visually Impaired
A very useful collection of suggestions on preparing for an active shooter situation if you're blind or visually impaired.

Basic CPR and Choking Information
This website provides some very useful information about CPR and Choking.

Childproofing Your Home For A Child With Vision Impairment
This source offers a wealth of information on how to do it as well as potential costs.

health & safety information for children, families, patients, young adults, and seniors, as well as consumer-related news stories.

First Aid Guide: Mayo Clinic
Look up various types of injuries and conditions and their treatments.

Food Safety
- Gateway to government food safety information Topics Include People At Risk Anyone can get food poisoning (foodborne illness), but certain groups of people are more likely to get seriously ill. Are you or your loved ones in one of those groups? Read More about food poisoning risks Food Safety by Type of Food Bacteria and Viruses Severe Weather Food Safety

Internet Safety Guide
Provides worthwhile information on how to browse the Internet safely.

Midland Radio Factory Outlet Store
Midland radios including weather radios are available from this site.

National Hurricaine Center
Obtain information about hurricanes past and present Safety information and more.

NWS Lightning Safety
Lightning is one of the main weather killers in the U.S. This site offers safety tips.

NWS Tornado Safety
Tornado facts and safety information from the National Weather Service.

One Touch Self Defense Project For The Blind
1Touch™ Self-Defense Project for the Blind Practical, Effective, & Empowering "People working together, making connections, bettering themselves and society through empowerment, self-realization and education."

Safe Kids.Org
Information and tips for keeping kids safe.

Safer Car Website
Locate information, including crash tests, from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.
Provides information on Earthquake readiness. Focuses on California, but information applicable to other areas. Includes information on Preparedness Guide for People with Disabilities and Access and Functional Needs.

The National Center For Cold Water Safety
Cold water is a predator - fast, powerful and deadly, with unlimited energy and no need for sleep. A predator so perfectly camouflaged that you can stand right next to it and see absolutely nothing

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