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Items of Interest

Welcome to our items of interest section. Here you will find links to all kinds of interesting places on the world wide web. If you wish to have a link added to this collection, please contact us by clicking the following link:
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We have tried to make sure each link works, and is accessable by screen readers. If you find otherwise, we would be grateful if you would use the contact link above and notify us.

Team Talk(Information, Resources and Trouble Shooting)
TeamTalk KeyUp Sounds (Self Installing)
Audio Archives (VIP)
Audio Archives (VIP Spotlight Interviews)
Audio Archives (FTP Spotlight Interviews)
VIP Audio Instructional Files
VIP Team Talk and Other How To Do It Pages
VIP Announcement lists(Shown In Order of Increasing volume)
Additional VIP Conduit E Mail Lists
Additional E Mail Lists, Run By VIP Conduit Members
Other Useful E-Mail Lists (Not Provided by VIP Conduit)
Accessibility Resources and Information
Accessible Games (Not Computer Based)
Accessible Games (Phone Based)
Amateur Radio (Ham Radio)
Amazon Shopping
Amazon Echo Related Information
Amazon Echo Skill Related Websites
Apple Information (All Products and Tutorials)
Apple IPhone How To Do It Files
Assistive and Mobility Devices For The Blind
Auction Websites
Audio Chat Sites
Audio Equipment and Supplies
Audio Services
Author Information and Websites
Automotive Products and Information
Baking (Equipment and Recipes)
Bar Code Readers, Scanning Information and Related Websites
Birthday and Important Dates Reminder Services
Blindness and Low Vision Products (Hardware)
Blindness And Low Vision Products (Navigation)
Blindness And Low Vision Products (Software)
Blindness Related Technology Assistance
Books and Newspapers For The Visually Impaired
Book Related Websites
Braille Related Products, Services and Information
Business and Personal(Software, Tools, Website Building)
businesses Owned By Blind Entrepreneurs
Candies, Cookies, Treats, Baked Goods
Cell Phones and Related Products
Cell Phone Ring Tones
Charitable Foundation Websites
Chat Clients (Computer and or Phone)
Chat Client Related Products and Services
Children (Clothing, Toys, Etc.)
Clothes, Personal Grooming, Etcetra
Computer How To Do It Instructions
Computer Games For Blind And Low Vision Users
Computer Networks (Modems, Routers, Etc.)
Computer Software (See Also: Spyware, spam, Virus Resources)
Computer Software (Browsers)
Computer Software (FTP Clients)
Computer Software (Media Players)
Computer Software (Screen Readers, Scripts Etcetera)
Computer Software (Text and HTML Editors)
Computer Software(Zip AKA Compression Utilities)
Computer Sound Sources
Computers, Parts, Accessories, Software, Information
Consumer Information and Resources
Cooking (Equipment, General Supplies and Information)
Cooking, (Recipes)
Cooking (Diabetic Recipes)
Customer Service Contact Phone Numbers
Daily Deal Sites
Diabetes Information and Resources
Disability Related Magazines and Other Resources
Disaster Information And Readiness (Earthquakes, Tornados)
Domain Name and Website Hosting Sources
Education Related Websites
Electronics (Buy or Sell, used Phones, Games, Tablets, Etc.)
E Mail Clients, Related Information and Resources
E-Mail Verification, Hoax and Rumor Information
File Sharing, Storage and Transfer
Financial, Credit, Tax, Money Related Websites
Food and Nutrition Information Websites
Footwear Specialty Stores
GPS, Maps and Related Information
Geography Related Websites
Groceries, Food Related Stores
Guide, Service Animal, Pets Supplies and Information
Health and Medical
Health Supplies and Information
History Related Websites
Home Delivery Options
Home, Sale, Repair and Maintenance
Household and Yard Related Information
Household and Yard Related Products
Household and Yard Products (Security)
Household and Yard Products (Smart Devices)
Informational Pages and Product Manuals
Internet Dictionaries and Related Resources
Internet Radio and TV
Internet Resources For The Blind and Visually Impaired
Internet Resources For Various Disabilities
Internet Resources (Miscellaneous)
Legal Documents, Answers To Questions and More
Microsoft Windows
Movies (Purchase, Rent or View On Line)
Music Related Websites
National Library Service (Library of Congress)
Nature and Science
NVDA Screen Reader Information
Office Supplies, Rubber Stamps, Labels Etcetra
Old Time Radio
Organizations, Agencies and Resources For The Blind
Radio and News Resources
Reading Services
Religious Resources
Resources For Coping With Vision Loss
Restaurants and Dining
Searches and Search Engines
Shipping and Tracking Information
Shopping (Assistance, Coupons, Bargains, Etc.)
Shopping (Miscellaneous Stores)
Social Networking Websites
Spyware, SPAM and Virus Resources
State Agencies For The Blind
Supporting Member Personal Websites
Technology News
Telephones, Accessories and Information
Utilities (Software and Websites)
Veteran's (Honors, Benefits and Related Pages)

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