History Related Websites Links

Australia: History, Geography, Culture and Government
Provides detailed information about Australia including history, geography, culture and government.

Canada, History, Geography,Culture and Government
Provides detailed information about Canada.

History According To Bob
This site will allow you to download podcasts that tell about specific events in history. Bob is a college professor he gives you the rest of the story behind historical events. The site is screen reader friendly.

History of Alaska
Learn about the history of Alaska beginning with the first settlement.

Memorial Day History
Information about the origin and history of Memorial Day in the United States.

Phonozoic Historical Sounds
Offers a list of websites where historical sound files may be located.

Saxony History From Info Please.com
History and information about the area in Europe which was originally referred to as Saxony.

Sears Homes 1908 to 1914
A history of homes offered in the Sears catalog from 1908 to 1914.

The Computer History Museum
Information on the history of computers.

The Ronald Reagan Foundation and Library
Learn about the Reagan Foundation and Library, Arrange trips and more.

U S History.org
Offers access to a number of websites related to U S History. Especially the Revolutionary war and Colonial period.

U.S. Flag.org
You will find historical information about the flag, including historical flags and patriotic writings.

Voice Synthesizer History
This link will allow you to listen to an audio recording. It documents the early steps in creating the voices we now have available.

Wilson's Creek National Battlefield
Located a few miles West of Springfield Missouri, Wilson's Creek was the second major battle of the Civil War. It was also the largest battle fought West of the Mississippi and the scene of the death of, Nathaniel Lion, the first Union General to die in the conflict.

World War One Military History
Provides access to information and documents pertaining to World War One. Some parts of this site are not fully accessible.

World War Two Military History
Provides an extensive source of documents related to the Military History of World War Two. This site has limited accessibility, but is usable.

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