Computer Software (Screen Readers, Scripts Etcetera) Links

Doug Lee's Scripts For Jaws
Doug Lee's scripts for Jaws are available here.

Freedom Scientific
Home of the Jaws screen reader and other products for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Learn NVDA
Here are some Tutorials provided by The American Foundation For The Blind which should be useful in learning NVDA.

NVDA Open Source Screen Reader
The NVDA Project is a free open source screen reader currently under development.

What is NVDACon? NVDACon (The Non-Visual Desktop Access Users and Developers Conference) is an annually held online conference of users, testers, developers, translators and other beneficiaries of the free, open source and community-driven NVDA screen reader. Inspired back in 2014 by community interest, NVDACon has been conducted regionally in Asia, Korea, Japan, the United States of America, etc., and internationally each year. A steadily growing conference, NVDACon has become more exciting each year, and has furthered its reach to impact the lives of more people each year.

Serotek Corporation (System Access)
Makers of System Access and other adaptive products.

Switching From Window Eyes To NVDA
Information about making the switch.

Web Anywhere
Web Anywhere works with your browser to allow you to use any computer without actually installing a screen reader.

This plug in, used with the Firefox browser can solve the CAPTCHA problem much of the time.The Firefox browser is available in the Computer Software category.

Windows 10 Basic Narrator Hot Keys
Here's a list of the basic hot keys needed for using the version of Narrator that is included in the April 2018 Update.

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