Blindness And Low Vision Products (Software) Links

Amazability, Inc.
Amazability, Inc. offers the Adept1, a new form of voice-enabled universal assistant for those who have disabilities or are otherwise eyes or hands busy. All applications have a common command language and have been developed to work with speech, typing, or both. They currently have a free version in development.

Dolphin Group Software
Producer of Pocket HalPDA Screen Reader and other accessibility software.

LookTel (Remote Assistance Software)
LookTel combines the power of a Smartphone with advanced "artificial vision" software to create a helpful electronic assistant for anyone who is visually impaired or blind.

Premier Software
Premier Software focuses on producing accessible software for the Blind community.

Rumola is intended to provide a solution to the Captcha problem. There is a free trial, but must be purchased after it ends.

RWF Talking Software
Talking Dictionary and other programs intended for use by the Blind.

Serotek Corporation
Serotek Corporation is a leading technology company that develops software and manufactures accessibility solutions. Committed to the mission of providing accessibility anywhere,

TypeAbility The Accessible Learn To Type Program
Accessible learn to type program for children and adults.

Yes Accessible Software Solutions For The Blind
Offers several software products including Typeability a talking typing instruction program. They also offer CakeTalking and SibeliusSpeaking, music production software.

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