Weather Links

Accu Weather
Obtain local weather information for the location of your choice.

Do I Need an Umbrella?
Just enter your Zip Code and it will answer your question, yes or no and provide the chance of rain in a percentage.

Environment Canada
Obtain weather information for locations in Canada.

Offers up to date hurricane information.

National Weather Service Home Page
Provides detailed weather information for most any location in the United States.

NWS Lightning Safety
Lightning is one of the main weather killers in the U.S. This site offers safety tips.

Robo Magic
Home of the Wetsock weather program. After purchase it allows you to select cities to dsplay in your system tray.

Weather Decision Technologies Inc
Offers a wide variety of weather information, including a number of phone apps.

Do you have a weather term that you don't understand? Here's the website to use in finding an answer.

Weather For You
Offers detailed weather information for the United States and Canada.

Weather Solutions
Offers Hurricane forecasts for individuals, businesses and Government. You may choose to receive information by e mail. The site is run by Peter Ray, Ph.D of Florida State University.

Wind And Weather
Selection of weather related instruments and products, including some not speciffically in the weather instrument category.
Find the Weather for any City, State or ZIP Code, or Airport Code or Country (Full Screen Weather)
As blind and visually impaired folks, we've always liked Weather Underground for its no-nonsense, real-time weather info. They've released a service called Full Screen Weather that mashes up Google Maps with weather data for nothing but maps and up-to-the-minute weather info. Click on the link, , enter your ZIP code, and get browsing. By default the map displays temperatures as measured from stations across Weather Underground's extensive reporting areas, but you can also switch to Precipitation and Cloud views (you can even play back cloud or precipitation movement over time). In the bottom-left of the window you get an overview of current conditions and a four-day forecast, with links to more extensive forecasts on Weather Underground proper. For folks with low vision, the site is clean, simple, lightweight, and ad-free. Braille Page
This page provides all the weather information in an easily used format.

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