Household and Yard Related Information and Services Links

Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports provides product reports and ratings. Depending on what information you're seeking it may be necessary to subscribe.

Fabric Link, The Educational Resource For Fabrics
Provides information about fabrics including stain removal.

Gardening Tips
Gardening and lawn care tips from expert gardener Melinda Myer.

Houzz Home Design and Redecoriting Ideas
This site is loaded with home design and redecorating ideas for a wide variety of projects. Since it involves a large number of pictures and illustrations it is not especially screen reader friendly.

P. Allen Smith Gardening Website
This site offers gardening tips for both flower and vegetable growing. You'll also find some recipes.

Task Rabbit
The convenient & affordable way to get things done around the home Choose from over 140,000 vetted Taskers for help without breaking the bank. Mounting & Installation Moving & Packing Furniture Assembly Home Improvement General Handyman Heavy Lifting

Web Garden
This site is designed to serve as a knowledge bank and interactive learning center on the care, cultivation, and utilization of plants from a commercial, consumer, and academic perspective. It also facilitates your access to the people, programs, and products of the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science at The Ohio State University.

Window Covering Safety Council
Provides safety information about window coverings.

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